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This is a fun, consonant blends phonics song for learners of English. A colorful, animated music video to learn how to pronounce the, "bl / pl / gl / cl / fl...

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Print out these worksheets to teach students about the consonant blend CR. This page contains a variety of phonics worksheets to help teach students about the CR consonant blend. Cut out the words and glue them next to the corresponding pictures. 1st Grade. View PDF.Free printable consonant blends worksheets for kindergarten 8 free sets of cards to practice reading initial and final consonant blends. 34 blend cards and 200+ word cards. Great for teaching pronunciation! Consonant Blends! | Free Printable Phonics Word Cards Consonant blends involve the combination of two consonants to make a sound.

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By (date), when given a grade level text that includes (15) consonant blends and long and short vowel patterns and a poster that shows students a list of letter patterns and a corresponding symbol... for the correct pronunciation, (name) will correctly read aloud the text producing recognizable words for (12 out of 15) words containing letter patterns in (4 of 5 reading activities) as measured ... Dollars And Cents Worksheets Integrated Kids Worksheet 1 Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets For 2nd Grade Addition Worksheets Dot To Dot Alphabet Printable Tracing Letters And Numbers Worksheets PDF A To Z Writing Practice Worksheets Letter A Worksheet PDF Alphabet Tracing Worksheets For 3 Year Olds PDF Children are expected to have a basic understanding of numbers and their ...

Select grade level, words, and then build printables Sample Worksheets Draw lines from words to pictures Beginning Sounds (includes pictures and word bank) Beginning Sounds (includes pictures) Pick the word that matches the picture Pick the word that matches the picture and write the word The Consonant and Vowel Code Flip Books will be used in Unit 1 to review sound/spelling correspondences with the entire class. The double-letter spellings for consonant sounds were taught in Unit 8 of Kindergarten, and might be new to students who did not get that far.